natural light energizes,helps with winter blues, jet lag and shift work

Seize the power of light whenever and wherever you need it. From a quick boost of energy to raising your mood and managing your sleep-wake cycle.


cheer up
Relieves winter blues and
improves sleep and well-being.


juice up
Offers a welcome shot of
energy for added focus and stamina.


Helps shift workers and jet-lagged travellers align their body clock.

anytime, anywhere
Extremely small and lightweight. Blends into any lifestyle or routine.
2 weeks’ battery life.


easy to use
Truly portable. One-size-fits-all.
Plug & play. Wireless charging.
Connects with USB-C.


natural and safe
Non-invasive. Glare-free.
Without UV and bluetooth.
Automatic de/activation.


your mood

Sunlight is a major element affecting your mood, sleep, well-being, or metabolism. Whenever winter casts you down, a dash of light will lift your spirits.

With Pocket Sky you can get yourself going whenever you feel down or sluggish, regardless of your whereabouts or errands.

In the morning: Once you wake up, put on Pocket Sky and get yourself in shape for the day.

During the day: Whenever you go through a slump, Pocket Sky will invigorate you in no time.


your work

Imbibing blue light is an effective way of improving your cognitive and physical capacities. If you want to enhance your performance, concentration, or studying, Pocket Sky will give you a kick of stamina, better than coffee.

Pocket Sky helps shift workers acclimate better to changing work schedules. Advance or delay your body clock for better sleep and for maximum performance at work.

Regular use: Use Pocket Sky ahead of your shift and halfway through it to stave off sleepiness.

During the day: Wear Pocket Sky once or twice whenever your wakefulness is sagging.

resync your

inner clock

Travelling across time zones upsets your body clock and negatively affects your wellbeing, a condition known as jet lag. Well timed exposure to blue light a few days before.

After your trip it helps you to adapt faster to a new time zone. Pocket Sky lets you work at full potential or enjoy your holiday from day one.

Flying east: Get up earlier and wake yourself with Pocket Sky a couple of days before your trip. Use Pocket Sky upon arrival in mid morning for another few days to align your body clock.

Flying west: Use Pocket Sky in the late afternoon for a couple of days before departure. At your destination, use pocket sky early in the afternoon.

what the

experts say

The Institute for Sleep-Wake-Research has initiated numerous studies with the focus on sleep and alertness (vigilance). Within this framework, also new approaches and technologies were used and tested.

Since bright light is one of the strongest “zeitgeber” to regulate our circadian clock and thereafter our sleep-wake rhythm, the application of light has a wide range of therapeutic properties.

The device Pocket Sky is a very user friendly and easy-to-apply tool for ambulatory light exposure and may be beneficial for stabilising the sleep-wake rhythm as well as improving wellbeing during periods of low exposure to natural light. Therefore, the ISWF will use Pocket Sky in studies to apply blue light to enhance alertness (e.g. on the road, during nightshift) or as a tool to boost fitness and performance (e.g. for sportive activities).

light affects

your body

Circadian Rhythm

All life on earth, human or animal, operates on 24-hour rhythms. This body clock, the Circadian rhythm, is governed by our daily intake of sunlight. Its blue component triggers the suppression of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone, thereby keeping us awake and well. It controls critical functions such as our behaviour, hormone levels, cell regeneration, body temperature, or metabolism. Light also determines our sleep and wakefulness, depending on the time of day. Disruptions of the body clock can impair our wellbeing and cause serious disorders.

Blue Light Natural Energizer

When natural sunlight is unavailable due to season or lifestyle, it can be emulated in order to keep our bodies in sync with our environment. Pocket Sky is the smallest and lightest wearable ever made for doing just that. To be worn like a pair of glasses, it invites to savour the benefits of biologically active light in style. Being truly mobile, Pocket Sky allows you to stick to whatever routine you need to follow, for the best possible results.

The existence of an inner clock and its importance for life has been demonstrated by three American researchers, awarded with the Nobel prize for Medicine in 2017. It has also been shown that our inner timekeeper is set by the light absorbed by our eyes. If our lifestyle is misaligned with our body clock because we work in shifts, travel overseas or do net get enough sunlight, our mental and physical well-being suffers.

If you are interested to learn more about this, have a look at our blog or sign up for our newsletter.


and design

The two founders of pocket sky, Michael Geyer and Mark Wallerberger, have a long history of developing sophisticated wearables together.

Mark is an experienced and award-winning product design professional with a knack for smart items such as helmets, shoes, glasses, or cooling devices. Michael is our expert in information and communication technologies as well as microelectronics, software-design, hardware, and optoelectronics.

With Pocket Sky, they have won the third place at the 2014 edition of the Creative Business Cup in Kopenhagen as well as the ACR startup prize in 2017. Together, they hold several patents and protected designs.

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