energizes and helps
with winter blues
jet lag and
shift work

Pocket Sky is the smartest way to seize the power of near-natural light whenever and wherever you need it. From a quick boost of energy to managing your sleep-wake cycle. Pocket Sky is the key to a balanced body & soul every day.


energize and balance

Relieves winter blues and improves mood, sleep and well being.


re-sync inner clock

Helps shift workers and long distance travellers adapt to changing light-dark cycles.


natural and safe

Noninvasive. Without UV and bluetooth. Glare-free. Automatically stops after emitting a perfect dose of light.

anytime, anywhere

Unobtrusive design blending into any lifestyle or routine. Truly portable and wearable. Two weeks‘ of independence.


smart design

Smallest and lightest wearable dispensing light on the go. One-size-fits-all. Plug & play. Automatic wireless charging.


excellent quality

Designed, engineered and made in Austria. Premium components from brand name manufacturers.


your mood

Sunlight is one of the main factors affecting your sleep, mood, well-being and even metabolism. A good dose of light at the right time makes you feel comfortable in your skin, alert and invigorated. Pocket Sky is the easiest and most natural way for indulging yourself with blue light regardless of your whereabouts or errands. Elevate your mind or energise your body whenever you feel the blues, a bit sleepy, or just out of sync with your day.

In the morning: Once you wake up, put on Pocket Sky for 20 minutes and get yourself in shape for the day.

During the day: If you suffer a slump of energy in the afternoon, 20 minutes of light from Pocket Sky will revitalise you in no time.


your work

Imbibing daylight is a gentle but efficient way of improving your cognitive capabilities. If you want to enhance your performance, concentration, memory, or studying, pocket sky will give you a kick of stamina, like coffee or an energy drink.

A regular use of Pocket Sky allows shift workers to align their inner clock with their work cycle. Advance or delay your body clock for better sleep and improved physical and mental capacity at work.

Regular use / periodical use: Use Pocket Sky for 20 minutes in accordance with your work cycle to stave off sleep.

During the day: Wear it for 20 minutes whenever your vigilance is sagging. Pocket Sky will immediately increase your alertness and performance.

resync your

inner clock

Our 24-hour body clock is determined by the natural light-dark cycle and affects our wellbeing like sleep and hunger. When we travel overseas our internal rhythm is misaligned and causes jet lag.

Well timed exposure to blue light a few days before and after your trip helps you adapt faster to a new time zone. Pocket Sky allows you to work at your full potential or enjoy your holiday from day one.

Flying east: Start a couple of days before your journey. Get up earlier and indulge yourself with Pocket Sky. After your arrival use Pocket Sky in mid morning for another few days, readjusting your inner clock by two hours each day.

Flying west: Use Pocket Sky in the late afternoon for a couple of days before departure. Upon arrival use Pocket Sky early in the afternoon.

light affects

your body

Blue Light Natural Energizer

If sunlight is unavailable naturally in sufficient quantity due to season or lifestyle, it can be supplemented to synchronise our bodies with the day. Pocket Sky is the smallest and lightest device ever conceived for light therapy, to be worn like a pair of glasses. It invites you to savour the benefits of near-natural light, as it emulates a day’s solar cycle. Pocket Sky boasts an array of 54 state-of-the-art LEDs packed into a slim unibody shell. It is powered by a battery of unrivalled life, smallness, and safety. Being truly mobile, Pocket Sky allows you to stick to whatever routine you need to follow, for the best possible results.

Circadian Rhythm

All life on earth, human or animal, operates on 24-hour rhythms. This body clock, the Circadian rhythm, is vitally governed by sunlight. Its blue component triggers the suppression of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone, and thus keeps us awake and well. It controls critical functions such as our behaviour, hormone levels, cell regeneration, body temperature, or metabolism. Light also determines our sleep and wakefulness, depending on the time of day. If our inner clock is disturbed, our wellbeing suffers and serious disorders can be the consequence.

The existence of an inner clock and its importance for life has been demonstrated by three American researchers, awarded with the Nobel prize for Medicine in 2017. It has also been proven that our inner timekeeper is set by the light the body receives. If our lifestyle is misaligned with our body clock, because we work in shifts, travel overseas or do net get enough sunlight, our mental and physical wellbeing is impaired.


and design

The two founders of pocket sky, Michael Geyer and Mark Wallerberger, have a long history of developing smart creations together.

Mark is an experienced and award-winning product design professional with a knack for beautiful wearables such as helmets, shoes, glasses, or cooling devices. Michael is our expert in information and communication technologies as well as microelectronics, software-design, hardware, and optoelectronics.

With Pocket Sky they have won the third place at the 2014 edition of the Creative Business Cup in Kopenhagen as well as the ACR startup prize in 2017. Together, they hold several Austrian and international patents as well as protected designs for Pocket Sky and other inventions.

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