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Keeps us awake and happy by suppressing the sleep hormone melatonin.

Pocket Sky acts like sunlight when not enough natural light is available.
Our wearable activates and keeps your sleep-wake rhythm in balance.

This effect of light is scientifically proven and has many benefits:

Young man wearing Pocket Sky, the world's smallest light therapy wearable, to alleviate winter blues

Winter Blues

A lack of daylight in winter makes you tired and weary. With regular use, Pocket Sky lifts your mood and eases your seasonal blues.

Use Pocket Sky twice a day, once when getting up in the morning, once early in the afternoon.

Young woman sound asleep

Better Sleep

Pocket Sky allows you to be more active during the day. In turn, you'll be more tired in the evening and enjoy better sleep at night.

Use Pocket Sky immediately after getting up and when you feel tired in the afternoon.

Pretty woman wearing Pocket Sky, the world's smallest light therapy wearable


Daylight is the most natural way for activating yourself. Improve your concentration and cognitive abilities with Pocket Sky.

Feel free to use Pocket Sky up to twice a day, whenever you feel the need.

Doctor wearing Pocket Sky, the world's smallest light therapy wearable, at work

Night and Shift Work

Pocket Sky energises you at night by stopping the production of melatonin and keeps you vigilant throughout your shift.

Use Pocket Sky before and halfway through your shift to stave off sleepiness.

Pretty traveller using Pocket Sky, the world's smallest light therapy wearable, for preventing jet lag.

Jet Lag

Pocket Sky helps to adjust your sleep-wake rhythm to other time zones and minimize jet lag.

Use Pocket Sky a few days before your trip to wake up earlier for flights to the east or go to sleep later for flights to the west.

Your buy includes:

- Pocket Sky light therapy glasses
- Free shipping with tracking link
- Delivery within 2-5 working days
- Email support within 24 hours
- 30 days money-back guarantee


Natural and Safe

Based on scientific studies

Certified as EYE-SAFE (IEC 62471)

Glare-free, without UV and Bluetooth

Designed and produced in Austria


Extremely Comfortable

Wearable weighs only 12 grams

One-size-fits-all (from XS to XL)

3 nose-pieces for all nose-shapes

Charging-Case connects via USB-C


Truly Portable

Extremely small and lightweight

Total weight less than 100 grams

Perfect to always have it with you

Battery capacity for 2 weeks

Pocket Sky In The Media

What Experts Say

Since bright light is one of the strongest “Zeitgeber” to regulate our circadian clock and thereafter our sleep-wake rhythm, the application of light has a wide range of therapeutic properties. Pocket Sky is a user friendly and easy-to-apply tool for ambulatory light exposure and may be beneficial for stabilizing the sleep-wake rhythm as well as improving wellbeing during periods of low exposure to natural light. Therefore, the ISWF will use Pocket Sky in studies to apply blue light to enhance alertness (e.g. on the road, during nightshift) or as a tool to boost fitness and performance (e.g. for sportive activities).

– Institute for Sleep-Wake-Research

Inaccessibility at workplaces or during traveling has been a shortfall of light box therapy over the years. To help patients suffering from SAD explore non-conventional alternatives to seasonal affective disorder therapeutics, Austria-based med-tech startup, Active Wearables, recently launched a wearable device – Pocket Sky – providing light therapy, practically anywhere. The Pocket Sky will potentially serve as a portable and lightweight light therapy solution to patients of seasonal affective disorder. Such innovations will continue to innovate the seasonal affective disorder therapeutics market landscape.

– Future Market Insights

What Pocket Sky Users Say

"Everything feels right from the first use. I could stay focused and alert within around 8 hours and a bit more. Congratulation to the team for such a great job."

– Hien

"The first couple of times I was wearing it, I felt way less exhausted than usual. I am very happy to have bought this product, because not only I have the positive effect of being more energized, I also have a true masterpiece of wearables within my reach. I am very satisfied."

– Alex R.

“On the third day of use, and I’m already seeing a noticeable improvement in my mood. I have yet to work out the nosepiece but as I wear glasses and the device sits happily atop the frames I’m most likely not going to bother. Overall, I’m very happy with it.”

– T. Ward

"I am more than positively surprised. I haven't been able to sleep through a single night for over two years (due to pain). After an acclimatization phase of about one week and regular use (at about 3 pm) I finally sleep like a baby. Fantastic invention!!!"

– Christoph S.

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