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How to use Pocket Sky in an active life-style

How to use Pocket Sky in an active life-style

Pocket Sky is the newest portable blue-light wearable on the market. The idea was to use the scientifically proven effect of blue-spectrum light and put it in a blue light-bow so small and stylish that is can be used anytime, at any place. Without the necessity of cables or blue tooth connection, Pocket Sky is the perfect traveling companion, can be used on business trips, in the office, when doing sports or relaxing at home.

The idea

The idea behind Pocket Sky was clear from the start: The notion of using light to reduce sleepiness and elevating the mood is not new. There are daylight lamps that you can sit in front of and in recent years devices have started appearing on the market that can be used like glasses. Some of them are mobile and must be controlled with blue tooth.

A truly simple and mobile device like Pocket Sky is the solutions. Most people cannot sit still and remain infront of a lamp during office hours.

And even if they could: Modern science says that this is a waste of time. The human eye, in all its complexity, can’t be fooled that easily. It makes a difference between light shining from any place and light coming from the right angle, which is from above. Just like the morning sun would.

How to use Pocket Sky

The most important factor in the development of Pocket Sky was the focus on the usability. If it’s not practical and easy to use, it’s useless. Pocket Sky comes in a stylish case that resembles one of the smallest spectacle case you’ve ever seen. When a boost of energy is needed because you feel tired, jet lagged or are feeling Seasonal Affective Disorder (the “winter blues”), just remove the light-bow from its case.

Pocket Sky automatically switches on. As you wear Pocket Sky just like glasses, the bow is just above your eyes, shining a gentle blue glow into your eyes without blinding you. The light is bluish and comes from above just like the light of the morning sun would. You can continue whatever you had been doing, working, leaning, reading, doing sports or yoga…

Pocket Sky knows the right dosage

There is no need to control Pocket Sky with blue tooth or to pay attention to your watch: Scientific studies show that there is a significant energizing effect on the human body after only 15 to 20 minutes of exposure to blue light coming from the right angle. That is why Pocket Sky switches off automatically after this period of time.

Balancing your everyday life

We have done our very best to make Pocket Sky perfect for everyday use. Here is the summary of its practical features:

  • Pocket Sky is easy to use.
    It automatically activates when you take it out of its case. Put it on and continue whatever you were doing. After 20 Minutes, the bow turns off its light and you can put the bow back into its case.

  • Pocket Sky small.
    It fits into every pocket and every handbag. This makes it mobile and usable in all everyday situations. Working, doing sports, traveling and at home.

  • Pocket Sky is stylish.
    It can be worn in public as it is sleek and discreet and can be seen as a designer accessory.

  • Pocket Sky’s effect is scientifically proven
    A number of studies about blue light therapy underline the effect of combining the correct spectrum of blue “morning”-light that sends a gentle glow into your eyes from the right angle.
  • Pocket Sky restores well-being and will balance your everyday life.