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Pocket Sky at EXPO Dubai

Pocket Sky at EXPO Dubai

Are you perhaps visiting the Emirates in the next three months? Or just travelling through Dubai by any chance? Now go, take a few hours' time and visit the long awaited EXPO 2020 – and check out Pocket Sky at the Austrian pavilion.

The world exhibition has been taking place in Dubai for the past three months – the first in the Arab world in its history of 170 years. Originally supposed to take place in 2020, the Expo was postponed due to the global pandemic. It is on until March 31st 2022 – so hurry up to see a tremendous amount of interesting things!

Austria's presence is located in the expo's Opportunity District. The Austrian Pavilion, a stunning piece of architecture in its own right, is characterized by an innovative design concept inspired by the cooling wind towers of the Arab world. Innovative materials and know-how from Austria are used to achieve a natural cooling effect by means of low-tech engineering, which ensures that 70% less energy is used than in buildings of a similar size.

Expo 2020 Austria pavilion

Some 50 innovations have been selected to be showcased in the pavilion, illustrating the ingenuity of Austrian companies, creative entrepreneurs and research institutions. Our smart wearable Pocket Sky features in the iLab among solutions from areas such as environmental technology, life sciences, digital solutions and many more. If you visit the expo, you'll find our award-winning device in the iLab's Health & Life Science section. This context acknowledges the multiple benefits of Pocket Sky, from alleviating winter blues and jet lag (listen up, fellow Dubai travellers!) to helping cope with shift work disorder. As an ultra-light weight and low-energy device optimized for people on the move, Pocket Sky is also a great fit for the show's two other mottos, sustainability and mobility.

Have we got you curious, but you can't make it to Dubai until the end of March? Well, at least check out the virtual 360° tour of the Austria pavilion!

Pocket Sky booth at EXPO 2020 Dubai