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Will Pocket Sky fit me?
As a one-size-fits-all product, Pocket Sky is designed to fit 100% of the population. We have spent a lot of time to find and test a material that is both flexible and durable to ensure individual fit and comfort. In addition, Pocket Sky comes with three interchangeable nose pieces that adapt to your individual nose bridge.

Can I wear Pocket Sky with optical glasses?
Pocket Sky works in combination with most optical glasses. Put Pocket Sky on your optical glasses without nose piece and position the wearable between the glasses and the bridge of the nose.
If your optical glasses have very thick frames, you will need to remove your glasses for the 20 minutes of using Pocket Sky.

Can I use Pocket Sky with contact lenses?
Yes, you can use Pocket Sky in combination with contact lenses.

Will Pocket Sky dazzle me or restrict my vision in any way?
No. Pocket Sky was specially designed to be used in any everyday situation. You will notice the blue glow over your eyes, but you will not be restricted.



How is Pocket Sky turned on and off?
Pocket Sky has no switches. It starts immediately once you remove it from its case and stops automatically after 20 minutes. Upon activation, Pocket Sky emulates a sunrise for about 20 seconds before reaching full intensity. This is not for entertainment, but designed to let your eyes get used to the incoming light.

How do I recharge the Pocket Sky wearable?
Pocket Sky comes with a lightweight case for protection, transport and charging, and is automatically and wirelessly charged inside. The case itself needs to be recharged approximately every two weeks. It is equipped with a standard USB-C connection and is supplied with a cable but without a power supply. You can use a 5W USB power adapter that came with your smartphone.

Why do I have to store Pocket Sky in its case?
The case ensures that Pocket Sky is always fully charged when needed and protected from damage or loss.

How long does it take to charge Pocket Sky?
In all likelihood you will never deplete the wearable completely. In the rare case you do, for example if you or your family use Pocket Sky three or four times in a row, Pocket Sky will take some two hours to recharge fully.
The case itself needs to be charged every two weeks if you use Pocket Sky twice a day. Once it is charged, which takes approximately 2 hours, the blue charging lights will switch off.

What do the light signals emitted by the case mean?
Pocket Sky uses different sets of LEDs to indicate battery and charging status:
Two little blue lights next to the USB-port will be active when Pocket Sky is charging.
When you remove Pocket Sky from its case, little lights beneath the cradle will indicate the battery status of the case for three seconds. Green light means 50-100%, yellow 25-50%, orange 10-25%, red less than 10%.

Do you need a smartphone app?
Pocket Sky is so easy to use that no app is required. All you need are simple instructions from the user manual, which should be followed depending on the use case.

How long do the LEDs last?
Under normal usage, the LEDs are rated for 10,000 hours of use, which at 60 minutes per day all year round equals over 25 years of life.



Isn't blue light harmful?
It is not, if used appropriately. Blue light with a wavelength of less than 450 nm can potentially be harmful, if you are exposed to it continuously. Pocket Sky uses wavelengths of 460-480 nm, which has the mentioned positive effects and is vital for our well-being and mood. Another upside of blue light - keeping you awake - can also be its downside. The only potential harm is that you might not be able to fall asleep after using Pocket Sky. As a general rule: As you activate night mode on your electronic devices after 7 pm, you should also abstain from using Pocket Sky in the evening. Unless you want to stay awake and work (or whatever) through the night, of course ...

Can blue light be dangerous and damage my eyes?
No. Pocket Sky emits a safe intensity of blue light and is completely free from ultraviolet light and infrared. It conforms to the standard IEC 62471:2006 (photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems) and falls below the critical threshold by a factor of 20.

Does Pocket Sky emit radiation?
Pocket Sky doesn’t require a bluetooth connection and therefore doesn’t emit any radiation other than the blue light to suppress melatonin.

Are there any side effects?
No. Pocket Sky is safe when used according to recommendations.

Can I read or work while using Pocket Sky?
Yes, you can - as Pocket Sky does not impair your vision. You also don't have to worry about losing Pocket Sky - it is so lightweight that it stays on your head even when you are physically active.

Are there any conditions under which Pocket Sky shouldn’t be used?
If you suffer from an eye disease, you should consult your ophthalmologist before using Pocket Sky. If you are experiencing any temporary eye problems, wait until the problems are resolved before using Pocket Sky.

Can I wear Pocket Sky while driving?
Definitely NOT!

Is Pocket Sky intended for children?
We do not recommend Pocket Sky to persons younger than 18 years.

Are the batteries safe?
Absolutely. Pocket Sky comes with a swell-proof battery, the safest currently available on the world market, from a renowned brand name supplier.

Am I allowed to take Pocket Sky on a plane?
Yes, you are. The batteries both in the wearable and the case comply with international requirements for passenger hand luggage or stowed luggage. You also don't have to worry about disturbing your fellow-passengers as there is no collateral emission of light.